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@JimmyFeigen There it is!

@JimmyFeigen There it is!

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the-postmoderncucumber whispered:
omg my best friend and I died when we found your tumblr. we're friends with Jimmy, and we love him, and we're so happy there are others that support him just as much as we do. love ya much, <3

Oh my goodness, that’s amazing! What a small world! Thank you so much for taking the time out to send me this, I’m really appreciative of all the other Jimmy fans out there. I’ve been trying to get Jimmy’s attention on twitter so he knows about this tumblr, haha. I’m looking forward to documenting his swimming career on here and hopefully to seeing him in Rio!

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2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials — Feigen Reacts To Fifth Place Finish (x)

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Mixed Zone Interview D4 — 100 Free Semi (x)

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Jimmy Feigen’s Olympic Diary, Day 13: Job’s done, but still unfinished business 

I’m on a plane to Amsterdam right now, and my Olympic experience is over. I left my wallet in London, but Brendan Hansen’s going to mail it to me. I think that shows how crazy this experience has been — how many people can say an Olympic gold medalist and Team USA captain is mailing their wallet to Amsterdam?

On my last night in London, we went to an exclusive event at Planet Hollywood. We had to use the side entrance, and when they announced us to the media, flashes went off everywhere on the red carpet. It was total star treatment. During the day, I got to see the Tower of London, Parliament and all the big sites. This whole experience really has been a dream come true.

The most rewarding part has been cheering on my teammates and watching people become successful. I saw Michael Phelps become the most prolific Olympian of all time. I saw Katie Ledecky become a champion at 15. Those are some of the happiest memories I think I’ll ever have.

The hardest part is leaving London knowing I could have been faster. I could have played a more instrumental part in Team USA’s victory. The experience has left me hungry for more, though. I’m going to spend the next four years working to become a contender for an individual gold in Rio. I’m taking (former Churchill swimming coach) Al Marks’ words to heart and remaining unsatisfied. Satisfaction allows you to ease up on your goals, and I’m not at all ready to call it quits.

Becoming an Olympian is such a rare thing. I’m so fortunate to have the support that I did that allowed me to achieve this goal of goals. I’m really in debt to my friends, family and coaches for getting me this far.

I no longer feel the need to become an Olympian. I feel the need to be an Olympic champ.

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Jimmy Feigen’s Olympic Diary, Day 11: End of events means party time 

I’ve had hardly any alcohol since January to prepare for the NCAA championships and the Olympics, so I’m a lightweight. The hangover I have today makes me want to quit the stuff for good.

We’re finally getting to party now that all the swimming is over, and it’s pretty insane over here. Tyler Clary (200-meter backstroke gold medalist) was the DJ at this big club last night. Ryan Lochte and Cullen Jones were spending all sorts of cash to make sure everyone had a good time. It was really nice of them.

The club was packed. Everywhere you looked, there was another Olympian just having a blast. The VIP section was pretty cool, but nothing really special — just outrageous prices, like 17 pounds ($26.50 in U.S.) for one drink.

When we walked outside, paparazzi were everywhere. I felt like a rock star.

It’s nice to get a break. I have had swimming and only swimming on my mind for a few months now. I haven’t had more than two weeks off in this sport eight years, so I’m taking a month off now.

The first day off was great. We got to see the 100-meter dash final and see Usain Bolt, although the seats were pretty far away.

For the athletes, tickets to any event are pretty easy to get. You just have to sign up two days in advance, and you get to sit with other athletes, too. It’s good for bonding and meeting new people.

I’ve been exploring London with four other members of the USA swimming team. We’re all really close, and it definitely made a difference in our medal count. It really is cool that so many people can come together in three short weeks.

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Jimmy Feigen’s Olympic Diary, Day 10: It’s hard keeping those shirts straight 

I’ve been having trouble remembering which shirt we’re supposed to wear each night for the swimming finals. I kept getting it wrong, and I did the same on Saturday. So as Michael Phelps was on the podium and about to accept his last Olympic gold medal as part of the medley relay, he was looking at me and pointing to my shirt while wagging his finger. I thought it was hilarious and felt like I was a tiny piece of the history that was made.

Phelps’ record speaks for itself, and it really is the end of an era. We were watching history when he swam. The future of USA swimming is wide open, and we need some people to step up. I’m the youngest male on the team with the exception of the 1,500-meter swimmers. Because of that, with some of these legends retiring, I feel like that responsibility to carry on the legacy will fall to me. I couldn’t be prouder or more excited to represent my country at future swimming events.

I just moved out of the Olympic Village into an amazing hotel room overlooking the River Thames and Big Ben. My mom surprised me with the room, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I can’t wait to party in London with Team USA.

It’s really been an awe-inspiring experience living in the village and getting the Olympic treatment. It showed me how good it gets when you get to the top, but it also showed me that I haven’t accomplished all that I want to yet.

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